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Together, We Can Reform Dallas ISD


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I pledge to work with all the tenacity I can muster. But I can’t do it alone. I need your help. You can support the Dustin Marshall campaign to make sure all DISD students have a chance to succeed:

1 – Show your support online

Sign up to be a public supporter on the website and like us on our social media pages: FACEBOOK | TWITTER

2 – Share your time with the campaign

We can all find strength in numbers. Our campaign to help the Dallas Independent School District needs your help to be successful. Your volunteer efforts make a difference, and we are eager to make you a part of the team! Contact us to let us know you’re ready to get started.

3 – Host an event for your neighbors to meet Dustin

One of the greatest ways to influence change in a community is through neighbors sharing information. One of our goals is to meet and exchange ideas with community members in neighborhoods all over DISD. Host and event and learn how you can show your support. Contact us and we’ll help you put together a meeting.

4 – Get a Sign for Your Front Yard

Unfortunately, not too many people pay attention to school board races. We need your help spreading the word by putting a sign in your yard. Contact us today to get your very own sign. Every yard helps spread the word and the cause!

5 – Support with a Donation

Even little donations help. In fact, if you live in District 2, a $25 donation is more helpful than you might imagine. It’s a way of saying, “Yes, I support your efforts to reform our schools.”  And the more support we get, the bigger the mandate we’ll have to really change the district.

What You Need to Know

Every vote counts toward making Dallas ISD better, but not all votes will count. If you live in Dallas, you may or may not be able to vote in the DISD District 2 election, depending upon where you live. To find out whether you are eligible to cast your vote in this ballot, Click here for a map.

Better yet, visit DallasCountyVotes.org and put in your street address. That web site will list all your elected officials and districts, including (way at the bottom) your school board district.

Even if you aren’t in District 2, you can support the campaign to help our kids by volunteering or giving money. With your help, we can make our schools better.


Are you registered to vote? If not, you can request voter registration applications by clicking here: http://www.sos.state.tx.us/elections/voter/reqvr.shtml