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Our Amazing Supporters

I am so proud to have such an outpouring of support for my re-election campaign!  I appreciate each and every one of you! Make sure you contact us if you’d like to join the growing list of supporters!

Community Organizations


Our mission is to raise community awareness about Dallas ISD issues, focus on putting kids first, and organize voters around great school board candidates. DallasKidsFirst was established to help find, support and elect great DISD school board leaders because we believe that every Dallas kid deserves a great education. We want to engage every voter in Dallas to participate in school board elections. Your vote counts. You can make a difference.

“In District 2, Dallas Kids First believes Marshall has shown a dedication to Dallas ISD and has been intentional in his effort to develop community feedback with his regular “office hours” at District 2 coffee shops…his business acumen has been key in addressing costs and safety factors involved in DISD transportation…and he supported…plans to scale proven and effective strategies in order to reach as many students as quickly as possible.”


Educate Dallas

EducateDallas is a non-partisan general-purpose political committee dedicated to the mission of working to elect high-quality candidates to the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees. Supported by the Dallas Regional Chamber, this group aims to support improvements to the Dallas public education system in order to provide greater opportunities to all Dallas children. The Board of Directors of EducateDallas consists of a diverse group of citizens from across the city who are devoted to the belief that every child deserves a great education.

“Dustin Marshall has already made a difference for our kids. Starting on day one, Dustin has maintained a steadfast focus on doing whatever it takes to create better outcomes for children in Dallas ISD.  His accessibility to his constituents, knowledge on the issues and education policies, as well as his unparalleled passion for education make him an ideal member of the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees.”  
                           – EducateDallas Chairman Terry Conner

The Real Estate Council (TREC)

As the largest and most influential organization of its kind in Texas, TREC represents more than 1,700 individual members and 500 companies, which make up 95 percent of the commercial real estate businesses in North Texas. Because commercial real estate is a vital driver of the Dallas-Fort Worth economy, producing approximately 1/6 of the area’s economic output, TREC wields strong influence in the region.

“In District 2, Dustin Marshall was the standout candidate. Dustin is the ideal candidate to replace now TEA Commissioner Mike Morath on the school board. We are confident he will continue forward with the progress made in the last few years. Using data and proven strategies, he will continue to build opportunities for Dallas students’ success.”

The future of the city’s children — and the prospects for Dallas itself — hangs on whether Dustin Marshall or Lori Kirkpatrick triumphs in the District 2 school trustee race. Kirkpatrick, who would squash much of what Dallas ISD has toiled to put in place, came up just a few votes short Saturday of winning outright. The District 2 seat will be the pivotal swing vote . . . on other hard-won reforms that are paying off for kids in the district. Derailing those efforts would be nothing short of shameful.”

Current & Former Elected Officials

Rawlings endorses Dustin MarshallHon. Mike Rawlings

“Dustin Marshall is the ideal choice to continue the transformation of our schools . . . His personal passion to improve the quality of education for all our children will serve the Dallas ISD Board and community well.”


Hon. Rafael Anchia endorses Dustin Marshall for DISDHon. Rafael Anchia

“As a State Representative and former Dallas ISD Trustee, I have made improving education one of my top priorities as a public servant. I believe voters should elect Dustin Marshall in the run-off for Dallas ISD trustee because he has consistently shown a history of leadership and dedication to public education.”

Hon. Jennifer Gates endorses Dustin Marshall for DISDHon. Jennifer Staubach Gates

“I am proud to support Dustin Marshall for DISD District 2 Trustee. A successful DISD is essential to the success of our City. We need a leader to continue with the reform changes . . . and Dustin is that candidate. I am confident Dustin will put the kids first.”


Hon. Morgan Meyer endorses Dustin Marshall for DISDHon. Morgan Meyer

“Dustin and I share a commitment to improving the quality of education so all children in Dallas will be able to live up to their full potential. He will fight to improve accountability in the classrooms and administration. I am proud to endorse Dustin Marshall to represent District 2 on the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees.”

Hon. Lee Kleinman endorses Dustin Marshall for DISDHon. Lee Kleinman

“Dustin Marshall’s dedication to improve Dallas ISD education for every child makes him the best choice to carry forward the mantle of reform of Mike Morath.  His extensive business experience with large organizations will help the Board navigate the complex financial structure of the District and ensure we invest our educational dollars to have the greatest impact on our children.”

Hon. Mike Cantrell endorses Dustin Marshall for DISDHon. Mike Cantrell

“Every citizen has a stake in education.  Every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and to be a productive citizen in the community. Dustin Marshall’s dedication and leadership in public education will serve him – and the students and community – well as a Dallas ISD Trustee in District 2.”

Hon. Jack Lowe endorses Dustin Marshall for DISDHon. Jack Lowe  

“Dustin is prepared to represent District 2 on day one. Dustin’s commitment to Dallas ISD is unparalleled in this election. His volunteer history in the district, in-depth knowledge of education policy and issues, and willingness to explore innovative solutions and initiatives make him the most qualified candidate. I have no doubt his service to the children of Dallas ISD and District 2 will be top notch.”

Hon. Gary Griffith endorses Dustin Marshall for DISDHon. Gary Griffith

“As a Lakewood resident, Woodrow grad, and former District 9 City Councilman, I understand how important it is to our community to have the very best leader and independent voice as our trustee. Dustin Marshall is that person. Join Jackie a me in voting for Dustin Marshall.”

Hon. Will Hartnett endorses Dustin Marshall for DISDHon. Will Hartnett

“It’s rare to see a successful businessman and father step up to the plate for our pubic schools. With all the challenges that DISD faces, we need Dustin’s ‘make-it-happen ability’ and tremendous record of service to public education.  DISD is crying out for a proven problem-solver and community leader like Dustin Marshall.”

Hon. Tom Leppert endorses Dustin Marshall for DISDHon. Tom Leppert

“Dallas ISD needs strong leaders. Leaders that are willing to take a stand to help children.  I believe that Dustin Marshall is one of those leaders.  He has the policy knowledge, the relationships, the budget experience, and a passion for helping kids find a pathway to success.  Please support Dustin for DISD Trustee in District 2!”

Hon. David Neumann endorses Dustin Marshall for DISDHon. David Neumann

“As a former Dallas City Councilman, parent, Lakewood resident, small business CEO, and 33 year taxpayer in Dallas, I am honored to support and endorse Dustin Marshall for our DISD Board of Trustees.  Dustin has the right balance of business expertise, communication skills, and passion for delivering a quality education for Dallas’ children.”

Hon. Jason Villalba endorses Dustin Marshall for DISDHon. Jason Villalba

“I wholeheartedly support Dustin Marshall because he is by far the best qualified candidate in this race to be our Trustee. Dustin is a good man who cares about the education of all our children and who will make a real difference in improving our schools.”

Hon. Clay Jenkins endorses Dustin Marshall for DISDHon. Clay Jenkins

“Dustin Marshall is a data driven leader with a deep commitment to student achievement who will listen to parents and teachers. He is my choice to replace the skill-set lost when Mike Morath left the board to become Texas Education Commissioner.”


Hon. Ron Kirk endorses Dustin Marshall for DISDHon. Ron Kirk

“It’s imperative we transform our schools so every child is college and career ready. Our economic future depends on it. Dustin Marshall not only has the commitment to our public schools, an incredible resume of community leadership and business acumen, but he also has the tenacity to make needed changes.”

Hon. Ken Sheets endorses Dustin Marshall for DISDHon. Ken Sheets

“Dustin Marshall is the best choice for DISD Trustee in District 2. He and I share a passion for stronger accountability at all levels of the administration and a commitment to ensure our resources flow directly into the classroom so that our teachers have what they need to educate our kids. I encourage you to vote for Dustin!.”

Hon. Ann Margolin endorses Dustin Marshall for DISDHon. Ann Margolin

“What I like most about Dustin is his passion for helping kids. Rooted in his own background of being raised by a single mother and with the opportunity for a great education, this instilled in this fine man a dedication to improving public education and the betterment of every child in our schools. I urge you to vote in the run-off for Dustin Marshall for Dallas ISD Trustee.”

Hon. Lois Finkelman endorses Dustin Marshall for DISDHon. Lois Finkelman  

“There are two good candidates in this run-off. I’m supporting Dustin Marshall because he will be an exceptionally positive and thoughtful addition to the DISD board at a time we need it. He has a 15 year record of volunteering and leadership in public education, has a strong financial background, and a deep knowledge of how DISD operates so he can hit the ground running.”

Hon. Roxan Staff endorses Dustin Marshall for DISDHon. Roxan Staff

“As your former Dallas ISD Trustee from District 2, I know first hand the qualifications needed to be a successful Trustee. Dustin’s years of volunteering in our schools gives him invaluable insight in to how the system works – and sometimes doesn’t work. His leadership in organizations that make a real difference in our schools shows he knows what needs to be done. And as the only candidate with experience with large, complex budgets, Dustin Marshall is the only candidate to continue needed reforms.”

Hon. Mary Poss endorses Dustin Marshall for DISDHon. Mary Poss

“I support Dustin Marshall as the clear choice for DISD Trustee in District 2. Dustin is a businessman with a long history of involvement in our schools.  He has volunteered as a leader with dozens of education organizations ranging from Reading Partners to Dallas After School to the Woodrow Foundation, and I am confident that he will continue the reforms that have started to transform our schools.”

Hon. Geraldine Tincy Miller endorses Dustin Marshall for DISDHon. Geraldine “Tincy” Miller 

“As the longest serving member of the Texas State Board of Education, I know the importance of strong leadership on local school boards.  I believe that Dustin Marshall is the best choice for the Dallas ISD District 2 seat.  I know that his passion for kids, his business experience, and his long history of volunteering in public education will serve the students well.”

Hon. Margaret Spellings endorses Dustin Marshall for DISDHon. Margaret Spellings

“Dustin Marshall has the intellect, business experience, and commitment on issues so vital to our students. We must ensure every child is learning — regardless of race, income-level, background, or ZIP code. We must also increase accountability at all levels of the administration, and within our schools. I am confident that Dustin Marshall will take the Dallas ISD — and our children — to the next level.”

Hon. Margaret Keliher endorses Dustin Marshall for DISDHon. Margaret Keliher

“A good education is the basis for individual achievement, personal growth and future success. It is also critical to have an educated workforce for the continued growth and prosperity of our city, county and region. I support Dustin Marshall because he is best prepared to make the important changes necessary to achieve these goals.”

Community & Neighborhood Leaders

Barbara Adamson
Robert Agnich
Cristina Barbosa and Michael Young
Carolyn and Ken Barth
Henry Beck
Yasmin and Vik Bhatia
Lael and Peter Brodsky
David Chard
Patti Clapp
Patti Cody
Anne and Terry Connor
Katherine and Harlan Crow
Becky Daniel

Giles Davidson and Dan Waldman
Tom Dunning
Colleen and Tony Fleo
Belinda and Mike Gelhausen
Maria Hasbany
Carole Haynes
Susan and Steve Hoff
Ann and Charlie Kight
Holly Kuzmich
Libby McCabe
Deb and Clint McDonough
Susie McMinn
Melissa McNeil

Louisa Meyer
Carol Montgomery
Reena Morris
Margaret and Robert Murchison
Vince Murchison
Regina Nippert
Chris Prestridge
Mary-Alice and Ben Riemer
Linda and Carroll Rogers
Catherine and Will Rose
Suzanna Rubottom
Celeste and Byron Sanders
Erica & Charles Sartain

Susan Schuerger
Diane and John Scovell
Mary Beth and Gordon Shapiro
Debbie and Kevin Sherrington
Stacey and Jason Stabenow
Jeff Staubach
Ron Steinhart
Whitney and Rob Strauss
Joe Thornton
Richard Vitale
Terri Sue and Jack Wensinger
Abby and Todd Williams
Robert Wright III

Additonal Community Supporters

Mary and Dick Abney
Lydia and William Addy
Dara and Erol Akdamar
Marc Alger
John Ansbach
Arthur Anthony
Linda and Robert Appel
Ira Archer
John Ashby
Michael Aubrey
Julie and Scott Bagley
Jorge Baldor
Rachel Baldwin
Marc Bateman
Marcia Beare
Amanda and Scott Beck
Jeffrey Beck
John Beckert
Betty and David Bell
Diane Benjamin
Monty Bennett
Robert Bennett
Chris Bhatti
Stephanie and Brad Bierman
Lucy Billingsley
Robin Boesch
Darren Boruff
Rita Brooks
Candy and Ike Brown
Jay Brown
Michael Kevin Bryant
Marguerite Buccino
Ryan Buchanan
Hugh Burgin
Tim Byrne
Meredith and David Camp
Celina Cardenas
Nicole and Kyle Cardwell
Connie and Denny Carreker
David Carroll
Ruth Chambers
Elizabeth Fritze Cheek
Richard Chen
Will Cobb
Justin Cohen
Summer Collins
Suzy Conley
Esther Contreras
Pedro Correa
Alise Cortez
Brian Crerand
Christy Cronin
Jennifer and Jason Cross
Courtney and Kevin Curley
Lawrence Dale
Gretchen and James Darby
Ryan Davenport
Christie Davis
Janice Davis
Macey and Steve Davis
Kimberly and Brandon Dean
Doug Deason
Steven Dennis
Lillian and Anthony Dona
Gay Donnell
Mary Beth and Sean

Andrea and Eric Earnhart
Monica and Joseph Eastin
Monica Egert Smith
Darlene Ellison
Brian Enzler
Diane and Richard Evans
Kelly Farber
Mary Farnsworth
Anna and Benjamin Farris
Jason and Eileen Feldman
Brannon Fitch
Steve Folsom
Marissa and Jose Fontanez
Christine Frary
Mark Frederiksen
Annie and Brad Friedman
Ryan Fuchs
Ardo Fuentes
Nancy and Will Fulton
Katie and Michael Gagne
Chuck Gilbert
Heather Gilker
Ronald Gilliland
Shannon and Michael Gilliland
Don Glendenning
Joshua Goldberg
Sharon and Ken Goldberg
Lauren Goodman
David Gray
Jackie and Gary Griffith
Vaughn Gross
Mike Gruber
Yolanda Guerra
Lakshmi Gupta
Danae Gutierrez
Anne Marie and Paul Hain
Alexandra Hales
Blake Hammerton
Spencer Han
Jeremy Hawpe
Pam and CP Henry
Dorothy and Hale Hoak
Nancy and James Hoak
Kyle Hodges
Kristen and Bill Howell
Cassie Hubbert
Catherine and Stephen Idoux
Keith Jacobs
Nelson S Jaeggli
Christine Jha
Nathan Johnson
Sofia and Willis Johnson
Whitney Johnson
Ramona Jones
Jennifer Junker
Stephanie and Eric Kalamaias
Lauren Kelly
Christopher Kelsey
Laura and Robert Kelsoe
Nick Kennedy
Leena and Andrew Kirkendall
Bill Kirkland
Miriam and Jeff Kitner
Caren and Peter Kline
Cathy and Joshua Krotec
Amy and Jason Kulas

Erin and Scott Landis
Val and Chris Lanzillotta
Tolga Latif
Lisa Loy Laughlin
John Lee
Lindsi and John Lee
Doug Levy
Georgia and Larry Ley
Julie Linn
Sherry and Don Linnen
Debbie Lloyd and Bob Duncan
Lola and Todd Lott
Clayton Lougee
Michael Lunceford
Lauren and Christopher MacFarland
Carol and Ed Maier
Stacey and Ken Malcolmson
Elsa Manzanares and Jamees Johanns
Debra Marshall and Joe Lockwood
Monica Martin
Susan Matusewicz
Libby Maus
Zandy and Andy McBeth
Carmen and Michael McCabe
Jane McConnell
Chase McCrea
Tanya and Ken McDonald
Melani and Craig McDougal
Sara and Nathan McEown
Sonja McGill
Curt McLaughlin
Melissa and Barry McNeil
Shannon and Bill McSpadden
Mark Melton
Julian Mensah
Amy and Alex Merson
Frank Mihalopoulos
Karrie and Michael
Regina Morris
John Mosqeda
Katie Mullen and Erik Vachon
Joey Mundy
Alice Murray
Cheryl and Blake Murray
Daniel Muzquiz
Norma Nelson
Rudy Oeftering
John Palter
Mitch Paradise
Carrie Parsons
David Peacock
Sally and Tom Perryman
Robin Phillips
David Pittman
Karen Pollock
Christy and Christopher Poteet
Tim Powers
Andrew Preisler
Stephen Preston
Katy and Jay Pritchard
Chad Prochaska
Karen and Steve Puckett
Craig Reynolds
Marian and Rob Richmond
David Ripley
Nicole and Christopher Rittenmeyer

Christopher Rogers
Martha Rogers
John Mark Roppolo
Elizabeth Routman
Jean Russo
Tanya Sanders
Ashley and Rick Scheer
Pat and Pete Schenkel
Lisa and Ryan Schlitt
Stacy Schusterman
Debbie Scrips
Jennifer and Andy Scripps
Ric Scripps
Virginia Searcy
Benjamin Setnick
Mark Shank
Michael Sherwin
Gary Shub
Mark Sinatra
Charles Slotnik
Michelle and Gregg Small
Crystal and Brian Smith
Scott Smith
Elissa and Frank Sommerfield
Joan and Bruce Sostek
Arnold Spencer
Jennifer and Rand Stagen
Aleta Stampley
Denise Stewart
Kathy and Tom Stites
Martha Stowe
Dimple Sureka
Jenn and Josh Terry
Carolyn Thomas
Holly Thompson
Vickie Thompson
Cole Tibbets
Melody Timinsky
Jennifer and Aaron Tobin
Lacey Pittman Tomanek
Jennifer and John Torres Jr.
Jesse Trevino
Elaine Velvin
Carol Vig
Victor Vital
Larry Wainer
Brandon Walker
Sherry and Ray Walker
Levi Weaver
Lisa and Richard Weaver
Crayton Webb
Katie Bandy Weber
Sarah Weinberg
Brad Weinstein
Julie and Bill Whitsitt
Phillip & Donnell Wiggens
De ‘Edra Williams
Kirsten Williams
Shannon and Joseph Williams
Trisha and Ryan Windham
Stan Woodward
Karina and Bob Woolley
Jan Worrall
Jennifer Youpa
Sarah Zavala